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The Top 5 Grill and BBQ Tools You Need This Summer

Head Country fans—identified out in the wild as Head Honchos—live the BBQ lifestyle. That means that when the weekends and holidays hit, the grill is smoking, the meat is sizzling, and friends and family are gathered to share good times and great food.

As Head Honchos know, there are lots of tools created for the BBQ and grilling aficionado. Between the industrial-grade spatulas and space-age thermometers, it’s tough to tell which tools are must-haves and which can be saved for that Christmas gift list.

Doug Scheiding, BBQ World Champion of Rogue Cookers and Head Country Brand Ambassador, weighs in on which BBQ and grilling tools he keeps within an arm’s reach, whether he is raking in top calls at competition or cooking for a crowd at his home in Bulverde, Texas.

The Top 5 Grill and BBQ Tools of a BBQ World Champion

  1. Thermapen. You need to have an insta-read that reads the temperature within a couple of degrees very quickly. This is an absolute must, even for the backyard griller.
  2. Good set of knives. You use these all the time. You need to have a good set of knives. What is a good knife? One that feels good in your hand, and that has a good weight. That way, you’re able to control it better. Plus, you’ll cut yourself less if you have a sharp knife.
  3. The pig tail. The pig tail has a sharp end. Meat is primarily water, so when you pick it up with this, like when you’re flipping a steak, this makes it very easy. It’s not going to release a bunch of juices. I like to use this instead of tongs, which squeeze the meat.
  4. Gun Injector. I use mine to inject chicken and brisket. It helps the meat retain juices.
  5. Cambros. If you don’t have a Cambro, use a good-quality cooler. This will keep the temperature of the meat high. Wrap it, put it in the Cambro or cooler, and then relax before the party.

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