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Top 5 BBQ Hosting Secrets from a BBQ World Champion

Hosting a BBQ is a rite of passage for any Head Honcho. With just a bit of planning, it’s easy to whip up a BBQ smorgasbord for 20 or 200, all while relaxing and bringing friends, family, fun, and good food together.

World BBQ Champion Doug Scheiding of Rogue Cookers offers these tips for backyard BBQ hosts:

BBQ Hosting Tip No. 1:

First and Foremost: Relax. Finish early. You’ll be much happier. Put your finished BBQ in a Cambro to keep it warm. When all the guests arrive, pull it out and you’re ready to slice and serve.

BBQ Hosting Tip No. 2:

Cook big meats. Brisket is king for more than one reason. Pulled pork is another good choice. The idea is to cook cuts of meat that feed a lot of people. A brisket provides about a half-pound of meat per person. This means that a 10-pound brisket will feed about 20 people.

BBQ Hosting Tip No. 3:

Serve both hot and cold dishes. Variety is the spice of life, after all. Plus, serving a mix gives you less to do in the kitchen, gives guests more opportunities to help, and gives you more time with friends, family, and good food.