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Fourth of July BBQ and Grilling Recipes Head Country BBQ Sauce

Our Ultimate List of Fourth of July BBQ and Grilling Recipes

We love a good tradition here at Head Country, and a Fourth of July cookout is one of our favorites of the year.

You’ve worked hard to make a plan for fun and fireworks, so we’re here to take care of your Fourth-of-July menu planning and shopping lists so you can relax, kick back, and enjoy your friends, family, fun, and good food.

Fourth of July Recipe: Mac and Cheese BBQ Smoked Bacon Wrapped Fatty

Now, this is one of our absolute favorites. This Mac and Cheese BBQ Fatty is bound to be the best Fourth of July Meal you’ve ever made! Fill up the meat with cheese and wrap it in bacon. Sounds perfect to us.

Fourth of July Recipe: Fall off the Bone Pork Spare Ribs, Start To Finish

Fall-Off-The-Bone BBQ Pork Spare Ribs by Doug Scheiding Rogue Cookers
You can’t go wrong on the Fourth with a classic recipe for Fall off the Bone Pork Spare Ribs. The recipe from Doug Scheiding is a classic meal and will please your entire crew. The flavors of these Ribs are to die for, including our High Plains Heat and Original Seasonings, and our Original and Apple Habanero sauces.

Fourth of July Recipe: Southwestern BBQ Bacon Burger

Southwestern BBQ Bacon Burger Best BBQ Grilled Burger Recipe
This Southwestern BBQ Bacon Burger is like summer in burger form. Light up the grill for this burger with crispy bacon, fire-grilled corn, cowboy candied jalapenos, and crunchy jalapeno chips on top. Don’t forget the BBQ sauce and pepperjack cheese—it’s like fireworks in your mouth.

Fourth of July Recipe: Bacon Blue Cheese Cowboy Hot Dogs

Bacon Blue Cheese Cowboy Hot Dog Grilling Recipe for Summer
These Bacon Blue Cheese Cowboy Hot Dogs will be the hit of the party, so it’s a good idea to grill up extra so you have plenty on hand. Don’t forget the onion rings and BBQ sauce.

Fourth of July Recipe: Stuffed Avocado

Stuffed And Loaded Avocado | Bacon, Cheese, BBQ, And Avocado | Best BBQ Sauce Recipes | Close Up

Looking for a lighter side to go along with your hearty Fourth meats? Thomas Garcia’s recipe for these BBQ and Bacon Stuffed Avocados will pair nicely with anything you cook, and who doesn’t love avocado? They’re going to add some delicious green to your plate, which is always a good way to balance out a meal that tends to lean towards the meats. This is also a great option for any vegetarians you may have. Just leave out the bacon and let the people dig in!

Fourth of July Recipe: Brown Sugar BBQ Apple Pie

Need Dessert? We’ve got the perfect Fourth of July Pie. We’re going to go ahead and predict that this Brown Sugar BBQ Apple Pie will disappear by the end of your Fourth festivities. We even give you the recipe for a homemade crust, which makes any pie at least 10 times better. Your family and friends are going to love these treat as they watch the fireworks fly!

Fourth of July Recipe: BBQ Jalapeno Poppers

We are in love with these BBQ Jalapeno Poppers! Jalapenos, cream cheese, and bacon…What more can you ask for!? These are the perfect appetizer for your hungry mouths to snack on before the main course is finished. Featuring our Original Championship Seasoning and The Sauce of Your Choice

Fourth of July Recipe: Spicy Summer Guacamole

Avocados are everyone’s favorite, and they’re even better with our High Plains Heat Seasoning! Make the best guacamole in town with our recipe for Spicy Summer Guacamole. Its perfect for a cookout and it will make everyone happy as they wait for their plate to be filled. Featuring our High Plains Heat Championship Seasoning.

Fourth of July Recipe: BBQ Chicken Dip

Need something cheesy that the whole family can share? This BBQ Chicken Dip is something everyone can happily get their fill. The oozing, bubbling cream cheese will please your whole crew; we’re sure of it! This dish is great for Sports watch parties or just any ol’ family gathering! Featuring our High Plains Heat Championship Seasoning and our Original BBQ Sauce.

Looking for even more recipe ideas for your Fourth of July cookout? Visit our recipes archive for dozens of recipes and BBQ tips and tricks to make sure your summer gathering is a success.