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Game Day Guide: Our Favorite Watch Party Recipes

Who doesn’t love to watch their favorite team play from the comfort of their own home? We know we do, and that’s why we’ve come up with this mouthwatering menu for all the times you get to stay snug on your couch while watching a big game.

Everyone knows that the best watch parties are the ones with the best snacks. These small bites have the big flavor we all crave on game day, and they’re perfect for passing, setting up on the buffet, and stacking on a snack plate.

Smoked Queso Blanco

Head Country BBQ Best Queso Blanco for Game Day
In need of an appetizer? This recipe from Rogue Cookers for Smoked Queso Blanco is teeming with added ingredients that take your tastebuds far beyond your typical queso. It’s got tomatoes, peppers, sausage, and all the cheese you need to satisfy a hungry crowd. Featuring our High Plains Heat Championship Seasoning.

Pull Apart BBQ Meatball Sliders

Pull Apart BBQ Meatball Sliders | Head Country Bar-B-Q

This twist on the classic meatball sandwich is a treat for kids and grown-ups alike. These sliders are a cinch to serve on game day, either straight from the pan or stacked on a platter. If you want to count on leftovers, make extra—everyone is going to want seconds.

FULL RECIPE: Pull Apart BBQ Meatball Sliders

BBQ Chicken Cornbread Skillet

Our BBQ Chicken Cornbread Skillet is covered in BBQ, chicken, and cheese—all the game-day favoreites. Featuring a sauce of your choice and a Championship Seasoning of your choice.

BBQ Chicken and Macaroni Salad

Baked BBQ Chicken And Macaroni Salad With Celery, Red Onions, Bell Peppers | Best Macaroni Chicken Salad
If it’s a salad you must have, try this recipe for a creamy-yet-tangyBBQ Chicken and Macaroni Salad. It’s the perfect foil for your game-day buffet main dishes. Featuring our Original Sauce.

Instant Pot of Slow Cooker Hot & Spicy Chili

Here’s a dish that is pretty simple to prepare and will have your kitchen smelling divine. Amy Whitfield, mastermind behind The Speedy Spatula, shares her recipe for Hot and Spicy Chili that can be cooked either in a pressure cooker or a slow cooker. It’s perfect for when it starts to get a little cooler outdoors and you need something to warm you up. Featuring our High Plains Heat Championship Seasoning and our Hot & Spicy Sauce

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Nachos

This recipe for BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Nachos comes from none other than NFL wife Marissa Allen, so you know it’s bound to be perfect for the football crowd. Featuring a sauce of your choice.

Air Fryer Potato Chips with Parmesan & BBQ Ranch

Air Fryer Potato Chips with Parmesan & BBQ Ranch

If you’ve never had a warm, homemade potato chip, here’s how you can fix that. Plus, you’ll get to play with your air fryer. A dusting of parmesan and some BBQ ranch dipping sauce on the side make these chips seriously craveable—and perfect for your game-day watch party.
FULL RECIPE: Air Fryer Potato Chips with Parmesan & BBQ Ranch

Pull Apart BBQ Cheeseburger Sliders

Pull Apart BBQ Cheeseburger Sliders | Head Country Bar-B-Q

Nothing hits quite like a cheeseburger on game day. We went the extra mile on cheeseburgers for your watch party guests, swapping hefty patties and buns for easy-to-serve sliders. We also topped it all with a hefty drizzle of our Bar-B-Q sauce. You can’t go wrong with flavors, so choose your favorite. 
FULL RECIPE: Pull Apart BBQ Cheeseburger Sliders

Pulled Pork Corndogs

All the kids at the watch party love a good corndog, and what’s not to love about homemade corndogs with pulled-pork centers? Dude Food’s recipe for Pulled Pork Corndogs is great because they’re fun to make, and the kids will be thrilled. All you need is a popsicle mold and a bit of elbow grease. Featuring our Original Championship Seasoning. Feel free to use our Original Sauce for dipping.

BBQ Pulled Pork Totchos, Street Taco Style

Loaded Tater Tots with BBQ Pulled Pork | totchos recipe, totchos taco style

This quick, piled-high sheet-pan dish is inspired by tater tot casserole and that roadside stand that has you craving tacos at 1 a.m. The smoke of the chipotle, the twang of the pickled radish, and the bright cilantro give complex flavor to this dish that makes the absolute most of your BBQ pulled pork.
FULL RECIPE: BBQ Pulled Pork Totchos, Street Taco Style

BBQ Jalapeño Poppers

BBQ Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers | Best Grilling BBQ Recipes | Spicy Stuffed With Cheese

Jalapeños, cream cheese, and bacon. If any list of ingredients could say “game day,” it would be these. The bubbling cheese, zesty peppers, and savory bacon and wrapped in a caramelized layer of your favorite flavor of our Bar-B-Q sauce, making these poppers the perfect combo of savory and sweet. If any poppers survive after the final score is called, try them cold from the fridge the next morning. We also love these poppers on grilled-cheese sandwiches and burgers.

Apple Habanero Pork Nuggets

Apple Habanero Pork Nuggets | Best BBQ Sauce Appetizer Recipes | Pork Seasoning

Our Apple Habanero BBQ sauce is a favorite with our competition BBQ teams, and it pairs perfectly with these personal-sized pork bites. There’s no need for forks or knives—perfect for the day you’d rather be watching the game than stuck in the kitchen—and because these nuggets are bite-sized, the smoke from the grill has more surface area to graze. Don’t forget to set out the toothpicks. Get the recipe here.

Don’t forget to load up on Head Country BBQ sauce, seasoning, and marinade before you start your cooking adventures. It might not hurt to pick up a Head Country hat or an apron, too—if you’re going to cook like a BBQ champion, why not look the part? Find us in a store near you with our store locater, or order online.