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Our Favorite Marinade Recipes for Chicken, Steak, Pork Chops, Tenderloin, and More

The secret is out: This one ingredient—our All-Purpose Marinade—will take your grilling game from good to envy-of-the-neighborhood.

Our competition BBQ cooks call it a game changer, a miracle worker, and sure-fire winner. We just call it seriously delicious. With a select few ingredients and tried-and-true results, this marinade is good to go on whatever sounds good for dinner. We love how it enhances chicken, seafood, pork, beef, and grilled and roasted veggies. We even mix it in our meatloaf (recipe below). Plus, it’s fun to shake the bottle—a must if you want all the spices in every drop. For our Marinade fans, the bottle shake is a time-honored ritual.

Get a Simple, Marinated Dinner on the Table

Because our Marinade is ready to go right out of the bottle, it gets dinner on the table quick. Flip the cap and marinate your next batch of chicken breasts to take them from ho-hum to hey-hey. You’ll need sides to go with that chicken, so splash our Marinade with a bit of water and rub it through a few cups of broccoli and cauliflower florets on a baking sheet. Add a layer of our Championship Seasoning, pop the florets in a 400-degree oven for 20 minutes, and you’ll have your family’s new favorite side dish. We love our Marinade on squash, too—zucchini in the summer, cubed acorn squash or butternut squash in the winter.

Our Favorite Marinade Recipes for Chicken, Steak, Pork, and More

Have you tried our All-Purpose Marinade? We’d love to hear about your favorite recipes. If not, get started with one of our favorite Marinade recipes, below. Each one puts you just a few ingredients and mere minutes away from dinner.

Actually, it’s more than a meal. It’s a celebration.

Grilled Chicken Marinade: Classic Marinated Smoked Chicken

This is the best recipe for Marinated Chicken Thighs for BBQ, Grilling, and Smoking.

One of our favorites (for obvious reasons). Bites of this classic marinated smoked chicken thighs are some of the best things you will put in your mouth, ever. The added bonus? The ingredients list is short and to the point: meat, seasoning, marinade, and a quick sauce for a glaze. The rest is up to you, and time.

Steak Marinade: This recipe shows how to make (and marinate) the perfect steak

Head Country Reverse Seared Steak BBQ & Grilling Recipes Doug Scheiding Rogue Cookers

A good steak is deeply satisfying. When it’s cooked to perfection, a steak dinner borders on a religious experience. No matter your preference for cut—we love boneless ribeye, chuck eye, porterhouse, or T-bone—this recipe for marinated steak for the grill will serve up deep, rich flavor and the crust of your dreams. #incrustwetrust

Pork Chop Marinade: Our Favorite Marinated Bone-In Pork Chops

This recipe for Marinated Pork Chop Recipe for BBQ Grilling and Smoking is quick, easy, and is ready in under an hour.

Don’t let chicken and beef get all the marinated love. Cut thick and with the bone in, these Marinated Bone-In Pork chops are a show-stopper. Cook ’em up for your next gathering of friends, family, and good food, or get ’em going just for yourself. They look and taste like a big production, but they’re just a few ingredients and less than an hour away.

Beef Tenderloin Marinade: Our Marinated Beef Tenderloin Recipe

Stop the show with this Beef Tenderloin Marinade Recipe for BBQ Grilling and Smoking.

Beef tenderloin is simple and easy to make, and with our recipe for Marinated Beef Tenderloin, it’s a dish that’s just a few ingredients away. Serve it at home or for guests sliced and fanned out on a wooden cutting board or platter, and garnish with roasted vegetables for a Pinterest-worthy meal.

Marinated Smoked Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf

This Smoked Marinated Meatloaf for BBQ and Grilling comes complete with a bacon-woven crust.

Our recipe for Smoked Marinated Meatloaf comes complete with a bacon-woven crust. It uses both beef and breakfast sausage to add flavor to a dish that’s already bursting with it. Serve this meatloaf when it’s comfort food you’re looking for, or at any gathering of friends and family where a flavorful rendition of a nostalgic dish is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Marinade for Meatballs: Low-Carb Bacon-Wrapped Meatballs for the Slow Cooker

Low Carb Bacon-Wrapped BBQ Meatballs

BBQ meatballs are a long-time kid favorite, and these low-carb, bacon-wrapped, marinated meatball bites come together quickly and easily with a few little helpers. Simmer these meaty morsels while you’re at work, or pop them in the oven for the perfect game-day centerpiece.

Pulled Pork Marinade Recipe: Classic Marinated Pulled Pork

This Marinated Pulled Pork Recipe for BBQ and Grilling will have everyone asking for your secret recipe.

Who loves simple? We do, and we know you do too! Here’s a recipe for a classic Marinated Pulled Pork, and the ingredients list is just three items long. Once your friends and family have a taste, they will be demanding your secret recipe.

Salmon Marinade: We love this Marinated Grilled Salmon recipe

This Marinated Smoked Salmon Recipe for BBQ and Grilling is just two ingredients and super fast on the grill.

Last but not least, our recipe for Marinated Grilled Salmon is a quick and easy way to put seafood on the table—plus, it looks gorgeous whether you serve it family style, or plated for each guest. Pair it with rice pilaf, roasted potatoes, and crusty bread for a flavor-packed meal to remember—and for your friends and family to write home about.

Beef Jerky Marinade: How to make beef jerky at home for your friends

Marinated Beef Jerky with Head Country Marinade

The flavor of our Marinade in this recipe for beef jerky pairs perfectly with your next hike or camping trip. The key to the best homemade jerky is proper preparation, marinating, and dehydrating. While beef jerky is a popular choice, you can also enjoy turkey, venison, and other types of jerky, too.

Brisket Marinade: How to make the best brisket of your life

Texas Style BBQ Brisket Recipe Doug Scheiding Rogue Cookers

World Champion BBQer and Head Country Ambassador Doug Scheiding shows how this brisket is skillfully trimmed, marinated and then seasoned, and finally bathed in smoke while the moon looks on. Then comes the slow-but-sure process of coaxing this classic cut to competition perfection, including a nice, long rest in its own juices—liquid gold, as Doug calls it.

Marinade for Burgers: Marinated Mushroom & Swiss Burger Recipe

Marinated Mushroom and Swiss Burger Recipe | Best Burger Marinade And Seasoning Recipes

Add mushrooms bathed in our Marinade to a grilled burger, along with melted Swiss, and it’s heaven on a bun.

Turkey Marinade: How to BBQ a Thanksgiving Turkey

BBQ Turkey | Classic Barbecue Recipes | Best BBQ Sauce Recipes | Thanksgiving Dinner Holiday Turkey

Turkey comes to the table in this recipe with layers of spicy and savory, starting with a dousing in our Marinade, plenty of our Championship Seasoning, and finished with a cup of our BBQ sauce served at the table for dipping.

Marinade for Oxtail: BBQ Smoked Oxtails Recipe

Slow Cooker BBQ Smoked Oxtail | Best BBQ Sauce Recipes | Steak Marinade | Steak Seasoning

Oxtails are a pricy cut, and it makes perfect sense once you’ve had the pleasure of finding them on your plate. In this recipe, marinated oxtails benefit from both the low, moist heat of braising in the slow cooker as well as a smoke bath on the grill. Be sure to whip up some rice or egg noodles to soak up the juices.

Don’t forget to load up on Head Country BBQ sauce, seasoning, and marinade before you start your cooking adventures. You’ll need some of our Original Championship Seasoning if you’re planning on cooking any of the meals above. It might not hurt to pick up a Head Country hat or an apron, too—if you’re going to cook like a BBQ champion, why not look the part? Find us in a store near you with our store locator, or order online!