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Warm, toasted honey. Sweet smoke. Our bold, signature spices. This is our Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce.

We’re always excited to add a new flavor to the family.

We know a truly great sauce does more than bring a meal together—it brings people together.

And our new Honey flavor? It’s the perfect excuse to fire up the grill. Call some folks over. Kick off spring with tons of flavor, family, and friends.

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Head Country Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce is now available in store and online.

More about Head Country Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce

We crafted this sauce based on our memories of the sweetness of summer. Honey-sweet. Smoke. Subtle heat. Perfectly balanced with our signature spices. We knew we wanted a sauce that pairs perfectly with wings, pulled pork, and campfires.

Flavor notes:

  • * Warm, toasted honey
  • * Wood smoke
  • * The spices you love about Head Country
  • * Homestyle, perfect for glazing
  • * A rich backbone of the balanced flavors of a melting pot of celebrated BBQ traditions

Heat: 2 out of 5 (same as The Original)


  • * No glutens
  • * No allergens
  • * No high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
  • * Vegetarian and vegan
  • * Available sizes: 20oz bottles, 160oz bottles

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Head Country Honey BBQ Sauce is now available to purchase in store and online.

Head Country Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce FAQs

Where can I find Head Country Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce?

In store: Head Country Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce is now available in H-E-B locations. Keep in mind, we can’t confirm a certain item will be in stock at a given time. Plus, not all stores carry all flavors. If you’re making a special trip, it’s best to call your store to make sure they’re stocked up.

Online: Here at Head Country, it’s our pleasure to serve you 24/7. Shop with us anytime and get stocked up on the new Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce. We’ll ship anywhere.

How can I get my local store to carry Head Country Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce?

We love seeing all the corners of this great country, and we make friends just about everywhere we go. Want to introduce us to your favorite local grocery store? Best way is to let the manager know. Sometimes stores need to hear directly from their customers. In the meantime, you can find the Head Country Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce available for purchase online here at HeadCountry.com.

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Head Country Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce Recipes

Classic BBQ Ribs

Head Country BBQ Ribs with Honey BBQ Sauce

A classic approach to a classic of BBQ—slow-smoked pork spare ribs. There are just three ingredients between you and a stackable feast.
RECIPE: Classic BBQ Ribs

Smoked Pulled Pork

BBQ Smoked Pork Shoulder | Best Grilling Recipe For Smoked Pork

Simple, satisfying, and feeds a crowd. Use pork shoulder or pork butt for this recipe, together with Head Country Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce, and word will start getting around about your pulled pork sandwiches, tacos, and nachos.
FULL RECIPE: Smoked Pulled Pork

Backyard BBQ Chicken

Backyard BBQ Chicken with Head Country Honey BBQ Sauce

No backyard BBQ is complete without the chicken. This recipe for the BBQ classic is one of our favorites—it’s basic, it’s easy, and with our new Head Country Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce, the results are phenomenal.
FULL RECIPE: Backyard BBQ Chicken

Add Head Country Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce to your order.