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5-Minute BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Skip dinner in or lunch at your desk? Not when this sandwich is on the menu. One short session with the grill or oven and these sandwiches stack up in minutes, making it an easy recipe for college students or a weeknight wonder with the kids.



2 buns, toasted
2 chicken breasts, grilled or baked (grill or bake several all at once and store in the refrigerator until time to eat)
Head Country Bar-B-Q Sauce, your favorite flavor
Bacon, cooked (fry or bake a pound or so at once and store in the fridge until sandwich time)
Tomato, sliced
Pickle chips

Cooking Instructions

Gather all ingredients. Assemble sandwiches: Bottom bun, chicken breast, Head Country Bar-B-Q sauce, bacon, tomato, pickles, top bun. Slice, plate, and enjoy!