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Boudin Stuffed Smoked Tenderloin

A perfectly smoked pork tenderloin stuffed with Boudin, a Cajun sausage native to Southwest Louisiana, made from pork, rice, peppers, onions and tons of tasty seasonings. This dish combines the classic pork tenderloin flavors you love, with a Cajun twist. Perfect for a weeknight meal, yet delicious enough to impress your friends at the weekend cookout!

BBQ Basics


​​Pork tenderloin, at least 1.5 pounds each (for reference, 1 large tenderloin feeds 4 with sides)
Semi-frozen boudin, 1 link per tenderloin, casing removed
Butcher string
Salt-pepper-garlic seasoning
Head Country Championship Seasoning, Original
Optional: Head Country Bar-B-Q Sauce, Apple Habanero

Cooking Instructions

Trim silverskin off pork tenderloin.

Using a sharp knife, create a cavity that runs the length of the tenderloin. (See video above).

Insert boudin into cavity created in tenderloin.

Tie opening of tenderloin with butcher string to ensure boudin won’t escape during cooking.

Season all sides of tenderloin with a light layer of salt-pepper-garlic seasoning.

Season all sides of tenderloin with a light layer of Head Country Championship Seasoning.

Smoke to an internal temperature of 165 degrees F. Glaze with Head Country Bar-B-Q Sauce in Apple Habanero, if desired. Slice, serve, and enjoy!