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Corned Beef Stuffed Cheeseburger



Head Country Original Bar-B-Q Sauce, The Original
1 teaspoon Head Country Championship Seasoning. The Original
1/3 cup of Guinness beer
Ground stone mustard
Irish cheese
hamburger buns
1/2 pound finely chopped corned beef
1 pound ground beef (80/20)

Cooking Instructions

1. In a bowl mix ground beef, corned beef, Guinness, and head country Original dry rub.
2. Form two patties, then place the cheese in-between the two patties and shape the burger.
3. Fire up the grill and bring to temp - internal temp of grill should be between 275°-300° F.
4. Place burgers on the grill, off set from the fire for about 10 minutes with lid closed, then directly over the fire for 2.5 minutes each side.
5. Add another slice of cheese before removing them from heat.
6. While burgers are finishing, place buns on the grill to lightly toast.
7. Once burgers are done, spread mustard on to buns, add burger, then top with Head Country Bar-B-Q Sauce and sauerkraut.