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Build-Your-Own Cowboy Hot Dog Bar

Far be it from us to tell you how to make a killer 'dog. This recipe is here to inspire your latest creation, whether it's fried onions with jalapenos or chopped bacon and a slathering of sauce. Set out all the fixin's buffet-style and declare a competition: Whoever comes up with the most mouthwatering hot dog, wins.

BBQ Basics


Your favorite hot dogs
Hot dog buns (We recommend potato buns or any variety that is a little more dense)
Chopped Bacon
Fresh Jalapeno Slices
Pickled Jalapeno Slices
Raw Diced Onion
Caramelized Onions
Head Country Seasoned Fried Onion Strings
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Spicy Brown Mustard
Your Favorite Head Country BBQ Sauces

Cooking Instructions

Prepare the above toppings for the best hot dog party on the block!

Pro-Party Tips:
Score your hot dogs: Etch shallow diagonal lines (about 4-5 evenly spaced) with a sharp knife on at least two sides of your dog. Go crazy and spiral cut for maximum plumpness and topping capacity.
Trap those toppings: Spare yourself a million dishes by serving your assortment in a muffin tin!
Rally the crew to build their own ultimate BBQ Dog.

Our Favorite Combos:
‣Fried Onion Strings, caramelized onion, pickled Jalapeno, Head Country Original
‣Bacon, cheddar, raw diced onion, Head Country Hickory Smoke
‣Fresh Jalapeno, Fried Onion Strings, and Head Country Hot & Spicy