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Picanha Steak Skewers

Picanha, a favorite steak cut at most Brazilian steakhouses, is also known as top sirloin with the fat cap still attached. It's also known as the Coulotte steak, without the fat cap—very lean, but flavorful. The name comes from a Picana, which is the pole used to herd cattle in Spain and Portugal. The picanha steak is tender, flavorful, and in danger of disappearing if left unattended in the company of hungry friends and family.

BBQ Basics


A 3-4 lb Picanha with fat cap still on
Head Country Marinade
Head Country Original Championship Seasoning
Metal Skewers (flat, non-round, or wood)

Cooking Instructions

Determine the direction of the grain on your picanha steak. Cut slices approximately 3/4-inch thick, perpendicular to the grain (very important for tenderness). Since the piece of meat is triangular, you will have some large slices and smaller slices. Normally, you get about 6-9 slices pieces per 3-4 lbs. of picanha steak, depending on how thick the slices are.

If the fat cap is really thick after sliced, cut off some of the excess fat so that it is about 1/4-3/8-inch thick.

Group the picanha steak slices together by size, usually 3 slices per 14-inch skewer. Form slices into the shape of a C, with the fat on the outside, and load onto the skewers (with the skewer point facing away from you, of course).

Rub each side of the picanha steaks with Head Country Marinade and a medium coat of Championship Seasoning in Original. Flip and repeat.

Make sure the grill is set to 450 degrees F. Immediately put the thicker slices onto the grill, closer to the heat source, and the smaller slices farther away from the heat source.

Flip skewers every 6-8 minutes.

Cook picanha steaks to an internal temperature of about 132-136 degrees F for medium rare.

Serve immediately after taking off the grill, with or without the skewers. A few photos may be in order before everyone digs in.

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