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Southwest BBQ Stuffed Chicken



2 boneless skinless chicken breasts
½ cup softened cream cheese
1 + ¼ cup Head Country Bar-B-Q Sauce, Hickory Smoke, divided
¼ cup sliced jalapeno jack cheese
¼ cup chopped green chiles (freshly roasted is best, but from a can will work)
¼ cup drained black beans
¼ cup drained canned corn
1 tbsp chopped cilantro
Head Country Championship Seasoning, The Original
Sous vide cooker & water bath (you could also bake this dish in the oven or grill at 325F° for about an hour and finish it on a hot grill). Chicken should cook to 165°F before serving.
Mallet, rolling pin or heavy pot
Digital meat thermometer
Pastry Brush
Charcoal grill heated to 400°F+

Best if prepped the night before you plan to cook/serve

Cooking Instructions

1. Butterfly chicken breasts, if necessary, to create mostly-even thickness. Using two sheets of plastic wrap, sandwich chicken breasts individually and pound with a mallet, rolling pin or heavy pot to flatten to even thickness of ¼ inch. Set aside and repeat with second breast.
2. Assemble the filling by combing softened cream cheese and Head Country Bar-B-Q sauce in bowl and mix well.
In a second bowl combine green chiles, corn, black beans and cilantro and stir to mix.
3. Assemble the roulade by first laying out new piece of plastic wrap on clean cutting board.
4. Sprinkle plastic wrap liberally with Head Country Championship Seasoning.
5. Place chicken atop Seasoning, and spread ½ of the BBQ sauce/cream cheese mix on ½ of chicken breast.
6. Mound ½ of the corn/bean mixture on top of cream cheese.
7. Distribute ½ of sliced cheese on filling.
8. Roll the chicken breast sushi-roll style to create tight roulade with fillings in the middle.
9. Bring plastic wrap tightly up around rolled chicken breast, being sure to overlap the edges. Press out any air trapped in the plastic wrap and twist ends tightly to seal. Tie up plastic wrap ends around roulade and secure with a knot.
10. Repeat with remaining ingredients to create second roulade.
11. Place completed, uncooked roulades in plastic storage bag, and refrigerate overnight. Just before cooking, remove entire bag from refrigerator to bring up temperature slightly.
*2 hours before serving, begin Step 12
12. Set your sous vide cooker to 160F°
13. When water bath is at temperature, submerge plastic storage bag with roulade in water, ensuring air has been released so the bag stays underwater. Set sous vide cooker for 90 minutes and allow to cook.
14. Twenty minutes before sous vide cook time is complete, start charcoal grill to high heat.
15. When sous vide cooker time is complete, carefully remove plastic storage bag from water and remove plastic-wrapped roulades from bag. Using scissors, remove plastic wrap.
16. Brush ½ cup Head Country Hickory Smoke BBQ Sauce evenly over each chicken roulade.
17. Lightly spray grill grate with nonstick cooking spray. Place cooked roulades seam-side down on grill grate, and cook until browned, rotating to ensure even coloring.
18. Rest briefly on a cutting board and cut at an angle with a sharp knife.
19. Drizzle with additional BBQ sauce and serve hot with Spanish rice, a warmed tortilla, your favorite green chili and a dollop of sour cream on the side.