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Head Country


Thanks for spreading the sauce.

Today, we have some exciting news.

Your 74 years of love and support have been heard loud and clear. Thanks to you, we’re about to show more folks than ever what Head Country is all about.

Here’s how we’re going to do it.

Head Country, as a leading producer of BBQ sauces, seasonings, and marinade, has joined forces with Old World Spices and Seasonings.

Head Country is a household name in Oklahoma. We started out selling our sauces in jars at your local feed stores, and now we’re a top-10 BBQ sauce nationwide.

Old World Spices and Seasonings, with operations just up the road in Concordia, Mo., and a headquarters at Overland Park, Kan., has a 30-year history as a powerhouse leader in grilling and BBQ. OWS customer brands are some of the top heavyweights you know and love in the BBQ spices and seasonings space.

Let’s just say they know a thing or two about good ‘que.

Head Country BBQ sauces round out the range of grilling and BBQ products now offered by Old World Spices and Seasonings. The plan is to take Head Country to new customers, together with Old World top customer brands, to bring more BBQ lovers more flavor than ever.

We’re thrilled about this opportunity, and we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get started.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

Q. Are you changing any of your recipes?
A. No. The Head Country recipes you know and love aren’t going anywhere. We’re excited to take the Head Country products you’ve been using in your homes, and at your backyard BBQs, and family celebrations for decades to more folks than ever before.

Q. Will Head Country still be called, well, Head Country?
A. Yes. The Head Country brand is here to stay. This is where Oklahoma-style BBQ was born, and we’re not going anywhere. Old World Spices is now the parent organization, of which Head Country is a valuable part. All things Head Country will stay Head Country, and will now also be considered part of the family at Old World Spices & Seasonings.

Q. Will Head Country still be made in Oklahoma?
A. Yes. Head Country will remain in and committed to our community here in the O-K. We will continue our involvement in area events and charitable organizations that call our families together and keep our community strong. It’s just who we are.

Q. Does this mean there will be more flavors of Head Country coming soon?
A. We get a real kick out of customer feedback, and we’re always looking for the next big thing in flavor. Feel free to join us on social media—facebook.com/headcountry and on Instagram at @headcountrybbq—and share your ideas with us.

Q. Will we still be able to order Head Country online?
A. Yes! Head Country products will always be available online, and we’ll keep shipping saucy mail worldwide. Right now Head Country products are available on Amazon and at HeadCountry.com, 24/7. If anything about how to order our products online changes, you, our customers, will be the very first to know.

Q. Will Head Country continue its Sponsored Teams program?
A. Yes! Our Sponsored Teams have shown up at competitions far and wide across this country, and they’re winning more with our sauces, seasonings, and marinade than ever. We’re excited to make Head Country more readily available in more communities where these BBQ throwdowns introduce our products to thousands of BBQ lovers each year.

Q. Who is Old World Spices and Seasonings?
A. Old World is a 33-year-old dry spices and seasonings business out of Overland Park, Kan. Old World established leadership in the BBQ space with its Championship Line of BBQ seasonings, rubs, and sauces, a program that now boasts more than 150 SKUs in about 3,000 hardware and sporting-goods stores. Old World Spices operates a manufacturing facility in Concordia, Mo., and its headquarters in Overland Park, Kan.

Q. Why did Old World Spices decide to partner with Head Country?
A. Long story short, when Old World saw Head Country’s authentic flavor and brand, they knew that, paired with its expertise in dry seasonings, the partnership would consolidate excellence in BBQ. BBQ fans nationwide, including retail and food-service customers, will benefit from a broader, exciting range of choices in dry seasonings as well as BBQ sauces.

Q. What’s the best way to keep up with all things Head Country and OWS?
A. We’re glad you asked! Our favorite place to hang out with you is on social media. Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/headcountrybbq, where we post new videos, recipes, and BBQ fun each week. We’re also on Instagram, at @headcountrybbq. It’s where we like to post YOUR photos of what you’re cooking this week, plus a mix of our own tips, tricks, and news from us. You can also find us on YouTube and Pinterest. When we offer sales, coupons, new products, new collections of recipes, or Head Country news, our family on social media is always the first to know.